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We are filled with gratitude to God for giving us the inspiration and the privilege of bringing some of the most beautiful Sacred Art in the world out of the churches and cathedrals and into homes.

The first time I saw the mosaic dome, Creation of the Birds, by the artist Sir William Richmond, at St Paul’s in London, I was dazzled by its beauty. Birds fly, walk and float through this lush depiction inspired by the words in the book of Genesis, “Let the heavens be filled with birds of every kind.”

When I stood inside the Washington National Cathedral and looked up at the Creation Rose Window, the light beaming through the Cathedral was awe-inspiring. This window was also inspired by a quote from Genesis, “…darkness was on the face of the deep… and God said, Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

We hope that the Sacred Art we have chosen to bring you will inspire you. Part of the beauty of owning these gorgeous silks is to use them to create a Sacred Space in the home that is conducive to prayer and contemplation. As you can see from our website, these silks can also be worn in a variety of ways. The box of each silk comes with the history of the Sacred Art and the sacred site from which it was inspired.

As I have traveled the world to visit these Sacred Sites, I have been moved not only by their extraordinary visual beauty, but by the beauty of the heartfelt messages I have heard over and over again from those I met. People throughout the world express a common desire for connection with God – including the qualities of world peace, love, understanding, kindness, service, and love for humanity. The desire to be a reflection of all that Christ stands for is a universal need shared by all humanity.

This is truly the “Christian Way.”

Your Silks

will come in the lovely box pictured here which displays a photograph of the pattern on the silk. It also describes the art that inspired its design and the Sacred Site that houses the art. The box shows the various uses for the silk - hang, decorate or wear.

Angela Coppola
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