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Create Custom Fashion and Home Accessories

Creating a custom square or oblong for a wall hanging, scarf, tie, pocket square or decorative pillow is easy. First you choose the art…windows, mosaics, paintings, marble patterns or significant symbols that you want to replicate or have us design for you. Several factors go into determining the price of a custom accessory. Here are the basics…

Minimum quantity: Digital Printing — 60 pieces; Hand-Screen Printed — 200 pieces

Minimum quantity Synthetic Fabrics: 100 pieces

The price depends on several factors:

  1. Silk or a synthetic fabric.

  2. The quality of the fabric, particularly if you choose silk. Silk comes in many weights and weaves —i.e. chiffon, twill, crepe de chine, satin.

  3. For hand-screen printing: how many colors are in the design? This will determine how many screens are needed to achieve the design. Each screen represents a color that is then hand-screened on to the silk.

  4. What size would you like your accessory to be? A square: 35”x 35” or 42”x 42”; an oblong: 8.5”x 52”,12”x 66”, 18”x 52” or 17”x 75”. Pillows are often 18”x 18”. Ties are available in regular and long lengths.

Christian Silks’ procedure for custom accessory production is:

  1. We receive a photo of the image (preferably 300-600 dpi) you would like made into a custom accessory and discuss design possibilities with you. The dimensions of your art will contribute to determining the dimensions of the item because the proportions have to work out. Ties and pocket squares are a standard size, and we will advise if your art can be used to create them.

  2. You receive a cost estimate.

  3. If our estimate meets with your approval, you sign it and send us a $500 deposit for design work to proceed. This is the total design fee and includes up to three submissions.

  4. You will receive three design roughs for each product via jpeg; up to three refinements will be made (this takes between 2-3 weeks.) The fee includes the creation of finished artwork provided that there are not excessive retouching requirements.

  5. Next, prior to production, you receive a final jpeg of each product design for approval. Once approved, there can be no changes made to the design (see #8 below.) This step takes between 2-4 weeks.

  6. After approval, you receive a final price to produce your product(s).

  7. We require a 70% deposit on the cost of your product(s) to begin production.

  8. A strike off, an actual sample of each product, is submitted to you for approval before we proceed with
    production. This step takes 6-8 weeks for hand-screen printing and 2-4 weeks for digital printing. Changes to the design at this point would result in additional charges. Colors can be adjusted within the parameters of the printing type. When you approve a strike off(s), production can begin. Hand-screen printing: 6-8 weeks. Digital printing: 4-6 weeks.

  9. Upon delivery, the balance of the cost is due. Note: All shipments are F.O.B. La Costa, CA.Total time: Hand-Screen Printing estimate 16-23 weeks; Digital Printing estimate 10-17 weeks.

Please e-mail a photo of the art you would like to use to or mail it to us at the address below. We will advise, as soon as possible, if your art can be reproduced on fabric. When your products are delivered, you can start earning extra money. Use them as a promotional tool…Sell them in your shop…Use them to encourage large donations. You will find how much people enjoy living with and wearing inspiring art.

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