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The idea of a great church “for national purposes” was included in Pierre L'Enfant's plans for the Federal City as early as 1791.12″ x 66″ Hand-rolled hem, 100% Silk Georgette (sheer – perfect for wearing)

Angels Silk

  • The reredos is the decorated part of the wall behind an altar in a church and that is where the great talent of N.C. Wyeth (father of Andrew Wyeth) was expressed in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, located in the north transept of Washington National Cathedral. The reredos consists of three panels, created by N.C. Wyeth, which are set in elaborately-carved, canopied, wooden niches. The central panel depicts Jesus Christ with two kneeling Angels in prayerful posture. Both of the magnificent side panels show bands of Angels praising with song and instruments. The beautiful colors and inspiring depiction in these paintings have been adapted for the design on this silk.

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