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18″ x 72″ A versatile and dazzling scarf. Hand rolled hem, silk twill.

Prayer Spire Scarf

  • Designed by the famed New York architect, Philip Johnson, the Cathedral heralds a new era of church design. More than 10,000 silver colored glass windows, 2' x 6', create the star-shaped facade, and are held in place by 16,000 lace-like white frame trusses.

    Reminiscent of the Church's drive-in beginnings, two 90-foot high doors behind the pulpit open out to reveal the sky and parking lot. When runaway inflation nearly doubled the cost of construction, the Prayer Spire was cut from the plans. By 1989, the plan was revitalized when thousands of Americans and Canadians subscribed to support the completion of the beautiful prismatic design. The 236-foot tower, the inspiration for our scarf, houses the Arvella Schuller Carillon.

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